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Recovery Therapy

Recovery Therapy Treatments

What is recovery therapy treatments ?

Recovery Therapy treatments are therapies that will carefully assess the cause of muscular skeletal pain which include trigger points, Myofascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments and create a course of action using advanced hands-on therapy techniques that will assist you to help manage ongoing issues.

At Essenciel we recognise that a multidimensional treatment approach is essential for restoring optimal physical function which is why we customise a treatment plan using a wide range of techniques.

As part of our recovery therapy treatment we supply Natural Vitality Range, we know that the first step to a healthy lifestyle is what we put in our bodies for the good function of our systems and we know that sometimes the body is in need of more support.

The benefits of Recovery Therapy include:

  • Reducing pain, inflammation and irritation
  • Improving movement
  • Speeds up the recovery process
  • Find the cause of the ongoing issue
  • Reducing acute and chronic muscular and joint problems
  • Relieving Migraines and headaches
  • Treating sports injuries
  • Improving circulation
  • Promoting hapiness