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Julie Routier

Julie Routier


Massage Therapist

Recovery Therapist

Energy Healer

I am Julie Routier a massage therapist, energy healer, World Organics beauty consultant and the owner of Essenciel. I left my home country of Belgium in 2007 and have been enjoying New Zealand life since 2010.

I first trained as a dancer and became a professional at age seventeen. One of the highlights of my career and big part of my life learnings, was dancing for a company in Switzerland. During that time I gained a lot of knowledge about the human body including a deep comprehension of our physiology and anatomy and developed skills I use in my practice today.

When I returned to Belgium, I trained to become an assistant nurse as I have always been interested in health and working on the body. This study furthered my knowledge of the human form in regards to nutrition, psychology, biology and anatomy. I enjoyed my journey gaining this diploma.

When I graduated I decided to travel with my partner to Australia and Thailand where I discovered my passion about massage therapy and therefore completed my beauty therapy training when we returned to Belgium.

After a while we felt the need to go back traveling in Australia then life brought us to New Zealand where I completed my qualification as a massage therapist with the Brandon Raynor School of Natural Therapies in 2011. I opened Essenciel in 2012 to fulfill my passion for helping people to discover their path to a happy and fulfilled life by using different natural therapies.

Using only certified organic products is really important to me.This philosophy is the cornerstone of my practice because of all the allergy experiences I have had from working with highly toxic chemical skincare. I realised that such products were damaging my health and would do the same to my clients over the years so I made the permanent switch to organic and natural only products and food.

In regards to my treatments, I am happy to work with anybody who is willing to get better and I love helping them to reach their goals. I feel that we all deserve to be happy and healthy and there is so much to look forward to in life. Today I am also a contemporary dance teacher and love running, walking, crafting, listening to music and spending time with my loved one!

"Learn to dance in the rain..."

-Certificate of Higher secondary education C.E.S.S French communities in Brussels (Belgium):

Assistant Nurse family and health assistant

-Certificate and Diploma in Brandon Raynor's Massage Therapy (Deep tissue Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy).

-Certificate in Reiki Level 1

-Certificate of Kinesio Taping Fundamentals & Advanced (KT1 & KT2) and Clinical Concepts (KT3) - International

-Certificate in Pain Management Foundation Level A and B ( Micro stimulation, gentle dry needles, acupressure)

-World Organics Skincare and makeup consultant

Available Wednesday to Saturday

Louise healy

Louise Healy


Massage Therapist


Reiki Master

Hi I am Louise Healy from New Zealand, I am a qualified Aromatherapist, Deep tissue Acupressure and Relaxation Massage Therapist, Reiki Master.

I was drawn to natural perfumery as a child, loved being in nature and reading healing books as a teenager. I completed my diploma as an Aromatherapist at Aromatherapy Associates London, in 2000. I returned to New Zealand and worked for Wellington Hospital in Womens Health and the Emergency Department. I then went on to work as an Chiropractic Assistant for several years helping scribe (muscle examinations) and developing xrays.

Combining acupressure, relaxation massage and essential oils, whilst touching on reflexology and dis-eases. Working intuitively with helping balance the chakras via Reiki.

-Diploma in Aromatherapy

-Reiki Master Level 3

-Currently studying Kinesiology (Touch for health)

Available Monday to Friday

Savanah McKnight

Savannah McKnight


Massage therapist

I am Savannah and I am a qualified massage therapist and receptionist.

Since I was a child I valued healing touch and have always been drawn to massage. I came to Essenciel in 2017 working at reception and found myself healing in just the environment. While being behind the desk, I was always being told what a difference the treatments here made to the lives of our clients and that ignited an interest in me to learn the art myself. In 2017 I completed my massage diploma from the Brandon Raynor School of Natural Therapies and I am now available as a therapist at Essenciel.

An early passion of mine has been sustainability and the promotion of environmental awareness. Previously I headed a green group and organised beach and swamp cleanups as well as environmental conferences. These presentations, for my highschool and university peers, featured Green Party MPs, grassroots activists, youth leaders and progressive city councillors. Being green is close to my heart so for that reason, I really value working at such an eco friendly business.

I like to engage in creative pursuits ranging from sculpture to graphic design. I have had my wearable art exhibited at the WoW museum in Nelson and also an award winning costume at the Shakespeare’s Globe in London. I really do love creating things, which is why I really enjoy running several of our Essenciel workshops. The balance between creating something natural, attractive and useful, really resonates with me and I love sharing that experience with others.

I also help run our social media accounts and enjoy writing about the holistic arts for our social networks, blog and newsletters. Writing and photography bring me a lot of joy, so I feel I am quite in my element doing this. Recently I completed a digital marketing course which I found to be really insightful and thought I realise there is a lot to learn in this area, I am excited to see our online presence grow.

I am looking forward to start my journey with you at Essenciel.

“The first wealth is health”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

-Bachelor of Communications BC - Massey University

-Certificate and Diploma in Brandon Raynor's Massage Therapy (Deep tissue Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy).

Available Wednesday to Saturday

Hayley Marshall

Hayley Marshall


Massage therapist

Hi I am Hayley, I was born in New Zealand, I am a qualified Relaxation Massage Therapist studying social work at the moment.

I will work on reception and from time to time as a massage therapist, I will love to look after you.

Dancing, sport and nature have all taught me that wonder and beauty confide in form and discipline. Initially I trained in ballet, and began skiing at a very young age. During my high school years I was engaged in high intensity training as I was playing competitive hockey for Central North Islands Under 21’s team. Meeting massage therapists at National tournaments first sparked my curiosity for the practice, having benefitted in my performance.

In 2009 I spent two summers working for the Department of Conservation where the work included surveying land requiring us to walk 7 hours daily through the Mangaweka Region. I find being in nature inspiring and since then I have continued to run off road as my main cardio exercise. During the same year, I trained through Rhythmic Movement Training International and worked as a Teacher Assistant alongside students with Autism, ADHD and Downs Syndrome. I completed Level 3 whilst learning about Facial Reflexes.

Music and recording sound scapes is also another integral part of who I am. I feel very fortunate to have had many opportunities to perform both solo as well as collaborating with artists. Performing at The Mission Estate Winery Concert alongside Lionel Ritchie lifted my belief that anything beautiful is possible. I have also been a song-writing Mentor working in London primary schools and following my return to New Zealand, I have worked as a guitar mentor.

In 2016 I studied Massage Therapy at the New Zealand College of Massage. I learnt that we are all capable of so much when we pay attention to our nutrition, physical activity and all areas in balancing our lives. As I continue to learn from others I’m encouraged and encourage everyone to value their health, enjoy a form of exercise that inspires them and continue to live from your creative voice.

-2016 New Zealand School of Massage Certificate in Relaxation Massage Therapy

-First Aid Certificate

Available Saturday